Catheter Ablation Coding

Catheter Ablation Coding 2017 – A Sneak Preview

2017 is going to see a number of new codes and guideline revisions, which includes Cardiology’s Catheter Ablation Coding. Similar to past years, these new codes have been prepared due to changes in 2017 Electrophysiological Coding Documentation. New codes will be introduced, that aren’t currently More..

Cardiac Catheterization Coding

Cardiac Catheterization Coding Scenarios Explored

Cardiac catheterization has a number of uses, from diagnosing coronary artery disease, valvular heart disease, to angina (chest pain), congestive heart failure and certain congenital heart conditions. Cardiac catheterization involves the insertion of a small, flexible tube (catheter) in a blood vessel in the patient’s More..

Urology Modifiers Changes

Urology Modifiers Changes in 2017

For coders involved in urology coding, it’s imperative to know specific modifier changes in 2017. The risk of not being up-to-date would be denials, slashed reimbursement, and fraud charges while filing claims. As of late, the office of the Inspector General (OIG), in its analysis More..

Robotic assisted procedures

CPT Coding for Laparoscopic and Robotic Procedures in 2017

With robotic-assistance, laparoscopic surgeons obtain technical advantages that include visual enhancements, dexterity and ergonomics. At first, customers may think they need a new code to report a laparoscopic procedure completed with robotic-assistance, however the fact is that they do not. The American Medical Association (AMA) More..