2017 Codes Changes for Orthopedics

There are going to be some major coding updates and changes for Orthopedic Surgery in 2017. The recommended additions, revisions, and deletions of the ICD-10 codes is roughly 1900 in number. Some of the changes in ICD-10 codes for Orthopedic Surgery for 2017 are:

Diseases of the Nervous System (G00-G99):

Additions: Mononeuropathies of the upper limb (G56):

  • 03: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, bilateral upper limb.
  • 13: Other lesion of the Median nerve, bilateral upper limb.
  • 23: Lesion of Ulnar nerve, bilateral upper limb.
  • 33: Lesion of the Radial nerve, bilateral upper extremity.
  • 43: Causalgia, bilateral upper limb.
  • 83: Other Specified Mononeuropathy, bilateral upper limb.

Additions: Mononeuropathies of the lower limb (G57):

  • 03: Lesion of the Sciatic Nerve, bilateral lower limb.
  • 13: Meralgia Paresthetica, bilateral lower limb.
  • 23: Lesion of Femoral nerve, bilateral lower limb.
  • 33: Lesion of Lateral Popliteal nerve, bilateral lower limb.
  • 43: Lesion of Medial Popliteal nerve, bilateral lower limb.
  • 53: Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, bilateral lower limb.
  • 63: Lesion of the Plantar Nerve, bilateral lower limb
  • 73: Causalgia, bilateral lower limb.
  • 83: Other Specified Mononeuropathy, bilateral lower limb.

Diseases of the Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue (L00-L99):

Additions: Intra-operative and post-procedural complications of skin and subcutaneous tissue (L76):

  • 22: Post-procedural hemorrhage of subcutaneous tissue and skin following a non-dermatologic procedure (deleted the words “and hematoma”).
  • 32: Post-procedural hematoma of subcutaneous tissue and skin following a non-dermatologic procedure.

Diseases of the Musculoskeletal System and Connective Tissue (M00- M99):

Additions: Other acquired deformities of the foot (M21.6):

  • 611: Bunion right foot.
  • 612: Bunion left foot.
  • 621: Bunionette right foot.
  • 622: Bunionette left foot.

Additions: Other disorders of muscle (M62):

  • 84: Sarcopenia(muscle wasting and weakness; is a common cause of falls, particularly in the elderly and debilitated).

Additions: Peri-prosthetic fractures (M97):

  • X: Peri-prosthetic fracture around an implanted hipjoint prosthesis.
  • X: Peri-prosthetic fracture around an implanted kneejoint prosthesis.
  • X: Peri-prosthetic fracture around an implanted anklejoint prosthesis.
  • X: Peri-prosthetic fracture around an implanted shoulderjoint prosthesis.
  • X: Peri-prosthetic fracture around an implanted elbowprosthesis.
  • 8XX _: Peri-prosthetic fracture around “other” implanted joint prosthesis.

Poisoning, and certain other consequences of external causes (T00-T88):

Revisions: T84.0: Mechanical complication of internal joint prosthesis

Deletions: T84.04: Peri-prosthetic fracture around a joint prosthesis and replaced by the Code Set M97: Peri-prosthetic fractures.

Other External Causes of Accidental Injury (W00-W95):

Additions: Contact with knife, sword, or dagger (W26):

  • 2XX_: Contact with edge of stiff paper (paper cut).
  • 8XX_: Contact with other sharp object, not elsewhere classified.

Deletions: Foreign body or object entering through skin (W45):

  • 1XX_: Paper entering through skin.
  • 2XX_: Lid of can entering through skin.

Factors influencing health status and contact with health services (Z00-Z99):

Additions: Persons encountering health services for specific procedures and treatment, not carried out (Z53):

  • 33: Arthroscopic surgical procedure converted to an open procedure.

Additions: Other post-procedural states (Z98):

  • 890: Other specified post-procedural state.

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