Analyze ICD-10 Progress with Next Steps Assessment and Maintenance Toolkit

To help providers track and improve ICD-10 progress, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has recently released the Next Steps Assessment and Maintenance Toolkit. This toolkit offers helpful resources to the providers so that they can look for opportunities to analyze their ICD-10 progress.

Here’s a look at what the toolkit offers:

Assess your progress – Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Practices should establish a baseline for each KPI to compare the pre- and post- October1, 2015 data. This will help them detect potential productivity, reimbursement, claim submission or cash flow issues, and identify opportunities for improvement. Tracking KPIs will assist in isolating the root cause of issues

Addressing Your Findings

  • Troubleshooting issues identified during your assessment
  • Deploying tactics like system enhancements and targeted staff training

Maintaining Your Progress

Keep your system and coding resources up-to-date


In coming weeks, CMS will also release an infographic explaining the Next Steps Toolkit in simple steps. Stay tuned to AudioEducator’s blog for more information on the same.

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