Top 10 CPT Coding Changes Coming Your Way in 2017

The annual updates to CPT® is around the corner, and a peek at CPT® 2017 pre-production file reveals some interesting finds and changes expected to take effect next year. Before we get down to details, please note this is not the final list of CPT®  updates, it’s an overview so there could be changes before you start using the codes for dates of service Jan. 1, 2017, and later.

So here’s a rundown of the major changes anticipated for 2017:

1. Multiple Changes in Cardiovascular Surgery Codes

Look out for two new options for open aortic valvuloplasty in 2017. Also, percutaneous left atrial appendage closure (LAAC) will move from Cat. III to Cat. I.


  • Angioplasty: Expect new code options for visceral, aortic, brachiocephalic, and venous balloon angioplasty that lump open and percutaneous procedures together. The new codes include radiological supervision and interpretation, so expect to say so long to the related radiology codes.
  •  Dialysis circuit: The 2017 code set plans to delete dialysis AV shunt imaging and intervention codes 36147 and 36148, but you’ll have nine new codes specific to dialysis vascular services.
  •  Newborn transfusion: Watch for a new code specific to partial exchange transfusion in a newborn. You’ll use the code when the procedure requires expert skill.
  •  Endovenous ablation: Watch out for changes to endovenous ablation codes, most notably new options for mechanochemical ablation.

 2. Conscious Sedation Changes

In CPT® 2017, the conscious sedation symbol will be removed from more than 400 codes that currently carry the mark. The mark denotes that you should not report moderate/conscious sedation in addition to the procedure code. Also, the current moderate sedation codes are also expected to be deleted and you’ll replace the old codes with new ones that apply in 15-minute increments instead of the 30 minutes used in the 2016 codes.

3.  New Biomechanical Codes

Watch out for three new add-on codes for biomechanical device insertion and four new codes related to stabilization device insertion. Spine coders should prep up for these new codes and replace biomechanical insertion code 22851 with new code options.

 4.  Bunion Codes and New ICD-10 codes

Foot surgery coders must pay attention to bunion CPT codes along with the new ICD-10 2017 codes M21.61- (Bunion) and M21.62- (Bunionette) in 2017. Note: CPT® is keeping hallux valgus and bunion in the same code, unlike ICD-10.

5. Psychotherapy Coding

Family psychotherapy codes 90846 and 90847 will see the addition of 50 minute time criteria in their descriptors. Plus, coders should watch for a change removing “and/or family” from codes 90832-90838.

6. Angiography Code Update (Eye)

Watch out for changes in fluorescein angiography code 92235 and indocyanine-green angiography code 92240. CPT® 2017 revises these codes to specify that they apply whether the service is unilateral or bilateral. Plus there will be a new code option for when the patient has both services at the same encounter.

7. Laryngoscopy codes

In 2017, coding for larynx services will see some changes with “fiberoptic” removed from laryngoscopy codes and the addition of new laryngoplasty codes.

8. New Code option for Esophageal Sphincter Augmentation

2017 dishes out new code option for esophageal sphincter augmentation device placement and removal.

9 Path/Lab Changes

  • Drug tests: Expect new drug test codes in 2017, as the old drug screen codes 80300-80304 is expected to be deleted.
  • Molecular pathology: Some changes will affect MoPath levels 2, 4, and 7 next year.
  • Genomic sequencing/MAAA: CPT® 2017 also dishes up new codes related to cardiac, fetal, and prostate cancer testing.

10. New AAA Screening and Mammography Options for Radiology

CPT® 2017 will be adding new abdominal aortic aneurysm screening code that will provide clarity if you’re reporting to a payer who doesn’t accept the HCPCS option.

Mammo: Mammography codes are changing with the times and including computer-aided detection when performed.

For more on specialty-specific 2017 CPT® Coding and ICD-10 updates, you may take a look at AudioEducator’s Coding Training Events. Also, we have the Year’s Biggest Virtual Coding Training Event coming up in December, 2016, which will provide multispecialty coding training from the nation’s top coding experts for 2017 and beyond.

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